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Warning Signs, Risks and Treatments of Alcoholism

Alcoholism or alcohol dependence occurs when you drink frequently and your body becomes dependent on alcohol. It is also known as alcohol addiction. When this happens, alcohol becomes the foremost necessity of the person and it becomes hard for him to survive without alcohol.

An alcoholic will drink in every situation, whether it is a happy moment or sad. They continue to drink even while facing the negative consequences such as losing a job, disowned by family and friends. However, alcoholics know that alcohol use is doing no good for them but still they cannot get over this habit.

Causes of Alcoholism

The root-cause of alcohol addiction is still a mystery as it varies with the person. However, scientifically, when you develop the habit of alcohol use, some chemical changes start taking place in the brain. Over the time, when you drink, you start feeling good and lively. This feeling increases the desire to drink causing substantial harm to the body eventually.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

The symptoms are classified on the basis of how alcoholics behave and what physical changes they experience in their body due to alcohol addiction.

Alcoholics may involve in the following behaviors:

  • drinking alone and developing a high tolerance to the effects of alcohol
  • violent and aggressive behavior
  • loss of appetite
  • neglecting personal hygiene
  • avoiding school or office work for drinking
  • continue drinking even when economic, social problems occur

Alcoholics may also experience certain physical symptoms:

  • alcohol cravings
  • post-withdrawal symptoms – vomiting, nausea and shaking body
  • blacking out after drinking
  • illnesses related to kidney and liver

Treatment for Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction treatment involves a number of de-addiction programs that aim to refrain the addict from drinking. The treatment takes place in different stages including:

  • detoxification or removal of alcohol from the body
  • rehabilitation to learn how to cope up with alcohol craving
  • individual counseling to address the emotional problems
  • 12 step program for recovery from addiction and other behavioral issues
  • medical treatment to address the potential health issues associated with alcohol
  • medications to prevent the addict from drinking and achieve sobriety

There are a couple of other medications provided to the alcoholics to help them get over their alcohol addiction. The doctors of the drug rehab homes offer reliable medication to the patient as per their addiction stage and health condition.

Preventing Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction can be prevented by restricting alcohol intake. Women must only have one drink per day and men should have maximum two drinks per day. If you feel an urge to drink most often, it is advised to seek assistance from a reliable doctor. You can also join alcohol rehab centres in case the situation gets worse.

We, at Freedom From Addiction, provide dependable alcohol and drug addiction recovery programs across Canada. We will help you achieve sobriety and lead a life without alcohol or drugs.


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