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What Happens in Inpatient Rehab Centers in Toronto?

The goal of inpatient rehab centers in Toronto is to help you quit alcohol (for good)! So, what can one expect during their stay in an addiction treatment center? We review here.

What is inpatient rehab?

Inpatient rehab is a residential facility offering addiction treatment services to individuals who have a problem with alcohol. Inpatient rehab programs provide structured and administered environments away from home. The primary focus of such a facility is addiction treatment.

What do inpatient rehabs include?

Rehabs mainly offer detox services, psychological treatment, medical treatment and counselling services.

Inpatient rehab goals

The singular goal of inpatient rehab facilities in Toronto is to help addicts stop drinking. Recovery is the most crucial element of any inpatient rehab program.

Rehabs focus on promoting a life of abstinence from alcohol. It is necessary for an individual addicted to alcohol to stop drinking after completing the detoxification program. This is because trying to control the use of alcohol is difficult for a true alcoholic. Once the craving strikes in, controlled drinking becomes nearly impossible.

Other goals of inpatient rehab are:

  • Educational and Employment needs-

Inpatient facilities aim to return patients to patterns of proactive participation in their respective employment or educational environments.

  • Enhanced overall health

In many cases, individuals drinking alcohol for a longer period of time experiences a decline in general health-related to substance abuse. When drinking is discontinued, the majority of the general health problems resolve after a short period of time. This improved overall health positively impacts other areas of an individual’s life.

  • Improved personal situations

Inpatient rehab aims to improve an individual’s personal situations by initiating personal values and coping skills.

  • Positive support system

A positive support system is very important for an individual coming out of a rehab facility. Someone who has been addicted to alcohol will enter a rehab facility without a positive support system. The goal of the rehab is to build a positive support system to ensure a positive transition when leaving the center.

  • Treat emotional and psychological problems

Long-term alcohol abuse can lead to emotional and psychological problems. Inpatient alcohol rehab facilities in Toronto aim to provide a treatment that addresses specific psychological issues.

What happens during inpatient rehab?

The addiction treatment programs of most alcohol rehabs stay the same. Treatment usually involves the following stages:

  1. Assessment. When you first enter an inpatient rehab, you will be assessed and the degree of the problem will be diagnosed. During this process, an addiction specialist will assess your present condition to determine the nature of your addiction and customize a treatment plan for you.
  2. Treatment plan. Possible treatment methods include:
    Detox – The process of removal of alcohol from your system.
    Psychotherapy – Counseling to identify your mental and emotional conditions.
    Education – Educating a patient about the effects of alcohol abuse on all life phases.
  • Continued assessment throughout your entire stay at a rehab center, staff should be regularly monitoring your progress and customizing therapies to suit your needs.
  1. Preparing for aftercareInpatient rehabs often refer patients to services outside of the center in order to successfully maintain abstinence from alcohol. Are you looking for rehab facilities in Toronto?

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