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Leading Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Toronto & GTA

Freedom From Addiction is one of the most trusted drug addiction rehabilitation facilities in Toronto. Our commitment to exceptional client care and comprehensive therapies has earned us the prestigious Qmentum accreditation from Accreditation Canada. Our medical experts focus on supervised medical detox to reduce the harm of addiction followed by holistic treatments that address the root causes of addiction.

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Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction can occur for a number of reasons in any kind of person. Taking the step towards breaking the cycle of addiction and reclaiming one's life can be difficult. This is why we offer an extensive range of different drug addiction treatments. Our residential treatment allows clients to stay in an “at home” setting in our world-class facility while they work towards achieving sobriety. We also offer medically supervised withdrawals, outpatient programs, and relapse prevention to help explore the root causes of addiction. The Freedom From Addiction team is dedicated to helping clients in all aspects of their journey to sobriety.

Drug Rehab

Once clients have taken the first step towards recovery and completed detox, the rehabilitation process has begun. Our drug rehab programs at person-centric, meaning we focus exclusively on each individual and what has contributed to their addiction. This involves a range of holistic therapies, including individual and group counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal skill workshops and more. This holistic approach allows clients to begin to truly heal and lead a drug-free life.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program provides clients with the opportunity to detox and start treating their addiction in a safe and "home-like" environment. Each client will enjoy a modern private or semi-private room with washing up facilities and flat screen TV's while they participate in therapy. Chef prepared meals and personalized fitness training are available to all clients.

Prescription Drugs Treatment

Prescription drugs are now the most abused and harmful sources of addiction across the globe, with prescription opioid deaths now accounting for the vast majority of drug overdoses. At Freedom From Addiction, we combine a range of different therapies and treatments to help clients safely withdraw from drug use and give them the tools they need to start living a drug-free life. Our highly experienced and trained medical experts can help any client identify the reason they started their addictions and then give them techniques they can use to avoid relapse for life.

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