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Family Program Toronto

Addiction doesn't just affect the addict alone, it affects their family and friends as well. The impact substance abuse can have on the people in their lives can be devastating, destroying the relationships that are most important in the recovery process. Freedom From Addiction offers comprehensive family programs to help educate and deliver the support family and friends of the resident client need.

Family Programs Toronto

What Is a Family Program?

When someone you love is struggling with an addiction, you might have a lot of questions and concerns. How can I help my loved one stop? Can they be cured of addiction? Is it my fault? Family programs work to help and educate our patients’ loved ones. It also allows our patients to come to terms with their addiction.

Our expert counsellors educate and enlighten loved ones on the cycle of addiction, as well as relapse prevention. Codependency, enablement and other issues and behaviours that are destructive to both your family and the loved one with the addiction are addressed. Learning where your responsibility begins and ends when it comes to helping someone with an addiction, can help resolve feelings of anger and guilt. Stigmas surrounding addiction are also discussed.

How Does a Family Program Work?

During a time that might feel as if all the attention is on the individual in recovery, our family program in Toronto gives family members the opportunity to explore and share their own feelings. Our goal is to ensure everyone heals in the recovery process, not just the patient. 

You will be guided through presentations, workshops and counselling sessions in order to gain a better understanding of addiction, the recovery process and relapse. You will learn how to manage the expectations of your loved one with a substance abuse issue, as recovery is a long and ongoing process. Sobriety is not a definitive solution that can be accomplished within a day, a month, or possibly even a year. It takes time and understanding that is the first part in supporting your loved one on their journey. You will also be pointed towards support groups where they can connect with understanding peers who are going through the same thing and receive guidance on other medical, social and psychological needs.

Additionally, part of the family program is to help rebuild relationships that may have become strained due to an individual’s addiction. Actively working towards a better understanding of one another will help in your loved one’s recovery process and their transition out of Freedom From Addiction’s care.

If you are unsure if a family program is right for you, give us a call. One of our expert addiction counsellors would be more than happy to speak with you and help identify your family’s needs and next steps.

Who Can Benefit from a Family Program?

Freedom From Addiction's family programs are aimed towards family members, friends and loved ones of individuals who are seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Toronto. Parents, spouses, partners, children, brothers, sisters, friends and anyone else who may have been negatively impacted are welcome to participate. 

As the monster that is addiction slowly grabs hold of people, relationships can suffer and families can fall into crisis. Trust is broken, friends and relatives become progressively isolated, reacting in unhealthy ways. You can live in a constant state of fear and anxiety, terrified that you are going to lose your loved one. Family programs will help you sort through all these emotions and experiences. As our patients recover, so do their entire family.

It is important for family members to get the help that they need and take care of their own health before providing support to their loved one struggling with an addiction. Families and friends play a large role in a patient’s rehabilitation, as a great deal of love and support is needed in order to heal. If you wish to help your loved one, the best thing you can do is help yourself first.

Family Program at Freedom from Addiction

Addiction is not an easy thing to overcome alone. Family members and loved ones play an integral part in the recovery process, which can be difficult if relationships have become strained. Additionally, addiction can be equally as hard on the loved ones of our patients. 

Freedom From Addiction’s family program in Toronto is designed to help families come to terms with the disease that is addiction through a variety of educational and therapeutic methods.

Contact us today to find out how Freedom From Addiction can help you and your family begin the healing process in order to rebuild your lives.

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