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Indigenous Programming 

Indigenous Programming - Freedom From Addiction

In the way of life of Indigenous people, it is understood that there are many obstacles to overcome and learn from during our time on Mother Earth specifically Turtle Island.  Many aspects of the Traditional road to recovery are offered here at Freedom from Addictions with the assistance of Wayne Monague, the Healing and Wellness Counselor.  Wayne offers his lifetime of commitment to continually learning as an initiate in the 3 Fires Midewewin Lodge, a society made up of healers and spiritual advisors.  Within these teachings Wayne can offer the holistic way of healing in the Anishnabe way using traditional and spiritual teachings. 

Understanding and application of traditional teachings such as:

The 4 Aspects of Life

  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Mental

4 Phases of Life within the Medicine Wheel

  • Child
  • Youth
  • Adult
  • Elder                 

In addition to these teachings participants will be the introduced to Life Roles that are also outlined in 4 different sections, Victim, Survivor, Warrior, and Healer.  With the emphasis being on self discovery through these traditional methods and the personalisation of the 7 Grandfather Teachings.  This will also include the introduction to ceremonies such as the Pipe Ceremony and the Sweat lodge Ceremony.

This holistic method of Healing is designed to help participants discover Self, identify intergenerational trauma’s, outline personal High Risk situations and create a Healing Plan (relapse prevention) to assist in the future risk management.

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