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Intervention is the process where a family or friends close to people who have drug addiction problems confront them and talk to them about the adverse effects of their addiction, both for themselves and the people around them. There are several ways to do drug crisis intervention. 

When initiating an intervention with a drug addict, you must ensure that the dialogue is non-judgmental, non-confrontational and supportive as some addicts do not fully realize the extent of their addiction. In addition, once they come to the realization that their addiction is severe, they may feel embarrassed to admit it. It's a meeting that requires preparation and foresight.

The experts at Freedom From Addiction are experienced and are here to help you. We prepare clients, their families, and friends for successful intervention.  

Our procedure involves training sessions and is extremely effective at equipping you and if more than our guidance is required, we can act as the intervener.

It used to be a common mindset that the best way to help someone with a drug or alcohol abuse problem was to let them hit “rock bottom” before they could be treated. However, this mentality has drastically evolved over the years and addiction is now accepted as the disease that it is rather than a series of bad life choices. Now, more attention and energy is directed towards helping those afflicted with addiction before it is too late.

Freedom From Addiction offers intervention assistance and training for family members and loved ones looking to help someone they know who is suffering from addiction.

Interventions Toronto

What are Interventions?

The aim of an intervention is to confront an individual with an alcohol or drug addiction to discuss their problem. Family members and friends gather in these settings in order to talk to their loved one about the negative impact that their disease has had on both themselves and the people around them. Usually, the goal of an intervention in Toronto is to encourage the afflicted individual to enter a rehabilitation program and seek help.

Those who can participate in the intervention include adult family members; children of the addicted loved one; significant others; friends and colleagues; religious community members; and trained professionals. However, keep in mind that the point isn’t to “gang up” on the loved one who needs help, but to show them how widespread the effects of their addiction truly are.

Drug and alcohol addiction interventions in Toronto can act as a final warning. Meaning, family members, friends and loved ones will no longer support the addict’s destructive addiction and behaviour.

How do Interventions Work?

There are several ways to conduct drug and alcohol addiction interventions in Toronto. With the guidance of a trained professional, family members and loved ones can be provided with the information necessary to hold a safe and thorough intervention. Any individual who is involved should have adequate training prior to the intervention.

This includes making sure you are provided with the right tools to ensure that the intervention is non-confrontational and non-judgmental. Some addicts may not understand the full extent of their addiction and once they come to the realization of its severity, they may be embarrassed or defensive. It’s important to keep the environment supportive as doing so will better benefit the addict.

In numerous instances, family members and loved ones will feel wronged by the individual with the drug or alcohol addiction, whether that be emotionally, physically or financially. An intervention can unintentionally trigger emotions like anger that can take over the entire process. Doing so will only cause more harm than good. An intervention is not the right time to address any anger or other grievances you might be feeling. To ensure that the invention goes as smoothly as possible, it’s a good idea for each loved one to write down what they wish to say beforehand.

Who can benefit from Interventions?

Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease. It is characterized by an individual’s compulsive need to seek out and use drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances, regardless of their damaging consequences. If a person is no longer able to manage their substance use and has made it clear that they do not wish to seek treatment or understand that it is necessary, an intervention might be necessary. Some signs of someone who is struggling with addiction include:

  • They are behaving differently than normal, including fighting with family members, friends or co-workers.
  • They have lost interest in their usual hobbies and activities.
  • They are showing up late to work, or even not at all.
  • They have bloodshot eyes, shakes or tremors, bad breath and their weight fluctuates.
  • They constantly need to borrow money because of their financial problems.

Drug and alcohol addiction interventions in Toronto are just as much for the family members and loved ones as they are for the addicted individual. Through drug and alcohol addiction awareness and education, they can gain a better understanding of addiction itself and any resources or tools that can help their loved one. It can also help to build a sense of unity and commitment among family members and friends who only want to see their loved one get well.

Interventions at Freedom From Addiction

Freedom From Addiction offers intervention training to prepare family members and loved ones for successful interventions. Our expertise in this procedure will help you help your loved one as stress-free as possible. We can guide you through the process, and even act as the intervener ourselves.

Ultimately, Freedom From Addiction’s goal is to help you create an intervention setting where you can communicate to your loved one suffering from addiction the love, concern and strength that is surrounding them at this time in their life.

If you believe your loved one requires an intervention, contact us today.

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