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One of the biggest contributing factors to addiction is mental health and the way in which thought patterns can reinforce the cycle of addiction. Freedom From Addiction understands this, which is why we offer an extensive range of programs designed to help address mental health issues, improve coping mechanisms and allow clients to rationally deal with negative thinking without turning to drugs or alcohol.

Mental Health Programs Toronto

Anger Management

Irrational and disproportionate anger is often a symptom of many different mental health issues and can be a side effect of withdrawals or rehabilitation. Freedom From Addiction's anger management program helps to identify why anger arises, and then gives clients the tools they need to calm themselves down and remove the anger from the situation. We offer individualized therapies with highly trained and experienced medical professionals that have been shown to dramatically improve anger management for many clients.

Awareness & Education

The social stigma and sensitiveness surrounding discussing drug and alcohol addiction can hamper efforts to provide lifesaving care to those in need. Our awareness and education programs are designed to enlighten both addicts and their loved ones about their addiction, opening up dialogues and providing facts and clarification about an often taboo subject. Through education about the cycle of addiction, both addicts and non-addicts can learn to understand and appreciate each other, while helping to break the cycle of addiction.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Unhelpful, negative thought patterns are some of the defining characteristics of many addiction disorders, contributing greatly to the cycle of addiction and relapse. Freedom From Addiction offers a complete program of cognitive behavioural therapy, a revolutionary technique that can help identify and correct maladaptive thought processes. By giving our clients the ability to know when they are having irrational thoughts, they can stop and correct their thinking to avoid relapsing.

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