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Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment In Toronto

Methamphetamine is an extremely potent stimulant mainly used as a recreational drug and has an extremely high potential for addiction and dependence. The extreme neurotoxic effects methamphetamines can have on the reward pathways, combined with the highly damaging physical effects of the drug, can make methamphetamine addiction treatment essential into avoiding overdose or serious medical consequences.

Freedom From Addiction has years of experience effectively treating methamphetamine addiction in our state of the art addiction treatment centre. Our supervised medical detox allows for a safe and supporting environment for withdrawals, while our personalized therapy programs help give addicts the tools they need to take back control of their lives and kick the habit once and for all.

Methamphetamine addiction treatment in Toronto

What is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine, or meth, crystal, T, Tina, is an extremely addictive and powerful stimulant mainly used in a recreational sense. While it is approved for the treatment of ADHD and obesity in the U.S., it is currently deemed to have no medical use in Canada and is classified as a Schedule I drug, carrying the highest penalties for possession, distribution, and manufacture.

The main intended effects associated with methamphetamine use is euphoria, enhanced libido, alertness, enhanced concentration, self-confidence, and sociability. Physical effects include dilated pupils, dry mouth, bruxism, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, high body temperature, and twitching. The onset of effects is rapid and can last anywhere from five to 30 hours, and is usually administered by smoking, ingesting, snorting, or injection.

Due to methamphetamine’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier in higher quantities than other stimulants, it’s addiction and dependence potential is extremely high. When used recreationally, users will need to use more of the drug to achieve the same effects, with higher doses correlated to more severe withdrawal symptoms following cessation of methamphetamine use. Methamphetamines are also closely tied to extended sessions of sexual activity, due to the enhanced physical sensations and suppression of ejaculation. This ties the drug use to a pleasurable activity, not only reinforcing the addiction, but also opening up to the potential of sexually transmitted infections.

Differences between Amphetamine and Methamphetamine

It is important to note the differences between methamphetamine and amphetamine when discussing addiction treatment.

Amphetamine is the chemical compound that makes up the backbone of methamphetamine and is also a potent stimulant. Whereas amphetamine only has a single methyl group attached to its amine, methamphetamine has an additional methyl group. Unlike methamphetamines, amphetamines are deemed to be of medical value in Canada and can be found in prescription drugs used to treat ADHD, depression, and sleep disorders. When prescribed, amphetamines are usually provided in a pressed pill or capsule format, allowing for specific therapeutic doses to be administered.

While taking amphetamines in therapeutic quantities over an extended period of time is not linked to severe dependence or abuse, it is still a highly addictive and physically and psychologically damaging drug. Street amphetamine is usually found in powdered form which is then smoked, snorted, or injected. The effects are similar to methamphetamine but to a lesser extent.

Signs of Methamphetamine Addiction

The signs of methamphetamine addiction are very typical and characteristic of the drug, making addicts relatively easy to differentiate from other drug users. Some of the most common signs of methamphetamine addiction include:

  • Psychotic behaviour & psychological disturbances
  • Increased anxiety, restlessness, depression, and other mental disorders or behavioural problems
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Insomnia and sleeping problems
  • Increased and unwarranted physical or verbal aggression
  • The compulsive need to acquire more methamphetamine and continue using even though they’re aware of the negative physical, social, and emotional consequences
  • “Meth mouth” characterized by severe dental problems due to chronic dry mouth, bruxism, and lack of oral hygiene practices.

If you notice any of these signs in yourself or a loved one, then either you or your loved one are showcasing significant signs of methamphetamine addiction and you should seek professional help as soon as possible.

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment At Freedom From Addiction

The good news is that there are a variety of effective methamphetamine addiction treatment options available for even the most seemingly hopeless cases. At Freedom From Addiction, we believe that every addict, no matter how far gone they might seem, is completely capable of turning their lives around as long as they receive the love, respect, help, and support that they need to do so. On top of that, they must also be willing to accept all of those factors and truly desire to lead a sober and happy lifestyle.

We can give you or your loved one who is enduring a methamphetamine addiction all of the proper tools you need to achieve long-term success.

The first step is to enroll in our proven inpatient drug rehab program so that we can begin chipping away at the root of your drug addiction. Detoxification is an essential part of our initial process. This will rid the body of all traces of the drug and its toxins.

Next, we’ll consult with the client and their loved ones to try to determine the most appropriate and effective treatment methods and create a feasible specialized treatment plan.

At Freedom From Addiction, we take a holistic approach to healing, which is why we use cognitive or behavioural therapy. We believe this has a far more valuable and lasting long-term effect as it gives the client all of the proper tools they need to continue leading a sober and healthy life and ensures their recovery beyond rehab.
Freedom From Addiction is a renowned privately owned and operated drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in Toronto. As one of the only rehab centers in Ontario that’s received official Qmentum accreditation from Accreditation Canada, we’re confident that our personalized and therapeutic approach to helping clients achieve sobriety is the best way to help them rebuild their lives one brick at a time. If you or someone you know is going through a methamphetamine addiction, contact us for advice on how to approach the situation.

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