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Drug Rehabilitation & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Centre in Mississauga

Freedom from Addiction offers the best medically monitored residential drug detox programs that are keenly supervised by a team of independent affiliated detox specialists who have had backgrounds in detox nursing and medical advisory. Our physicians have a lot of experience when it comes to managing withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and drugs and since they do it with their latest evidence-based approaches, hence the whole procedure eventually becomes pain-free and easy for the addict.

Our recovery home in Mississauga is a facility that brings about the necessary change in the lives of addicts. Apart from implementing our world-class detox programs, we, at Freedom from Addiction, also provide counselling and awareness sessions that are custom-designed to bring the distorted life of our client back on track. We try to intervene in their problems and help them find a solution.

Our Goal

Our goal, at Freedom from Addiction, is to manage the various physical, mental and sociological changes that have occurred with our clients after repeated alcohol and drug use while also providing the greatest degree of support and comfort.

Our Approach

We make use the following approach to ensure a comfortable and safe detox:

  • Comprehensive Assessments – The treatment team will first conduct comprehensive assessments on the client and then determine the detox protocols that would be most effective for the addict based on his/her drug history, individualized needs and medical history.
  • Medication – Our medical physicians utilize the widest range of tested and proven medications that are known to be safe and effective for managing the various physical symptoms caused by the withdrawal of alcohol and drugs. Our medications are administered by experienced professionals.
  • Relapse Management – After successfully bringing our client’s life back to normal from repetitive alcohol and drug abuse, our experts then make sure that the client does not show any signs of going back to that life. For that, we counsel, hold interventions and execute out other strategies.

Our Services

  • De-Addiction Programs – The various de-addiction programs administered at Freedom from Addiction are aimed to end the alcohol and drug abuse of our clients and make them sober and clean.
  • Detoxification Programs – We provide medical detox for a variety of addictive substances and chemicals. We are the only ones to provide Methadone detox and that’s why our detox programs are the best.
  • 12-Step Rehabilitation – We aim in rehabilitating our clients not by means of force and pain but with a 12-Step Program that eventually helps to transform the lives of the addicts in our centre in an easy and painless way.
  • Counselling and Guidance – While our medical physicians are busy handling the withdrawal symptoms, our psychological experts' counsel and guide our clients towards a better life by giving them useful info.

We, at Freedom from Addiction, are a leading recovery home of Mississauga that works day and night to bring the necessary change in the lives of alcohol and substance addicts.

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Read what patients have to say about Freedom Addiction

I came in hopeless because everything i did to try and fix my addiction and the roots of the addiction didn't work. within days, the incredible staff changed my perspective. With an open mind and willingness to use the incredible resources at Freedom, I quickly became a believer in the program and most importantly in myself. The hopeless feeling quickly turned into a feeling of hope. With every session, every exercise, every meal and every 24 hours that would go by, I could finally lay my head on my pillow at night and be grateful for everything in my life because it's been years since I could go to sleep this happy....and sober. "Many hands make light work". I couldn't do it alone and Freedom provided me every hand possible to rebuild myself

Reviewer: Marc Zanette


5 out of 5 stars

Freedom From Addiction really saved my life! I have battled with addiction for 20 years with a few long periods of sobriety. I have gone to 6 other treatment centers in that 20 years but coming to Freedom wasn't like any other treatment center I have been to. Their staff and 1 on 1 counsellors are well informed in the field of addiction. They help to understand my own addiction and myself fully so I can move forward living the best possible life; Happy, healthy, clean and sober. I look forward to my new life that Freedom has given me.

Reviewer: Jenna Lackie


5 out of 5 stars

Freedom From Addiction has been the best experience for my healing and recovery from addiction. The home environment, trainer in the gym, and amazing Chefs made it an absolute pleasure everyday. The counsellors and staff are outstanding with their insights, passion, and care for me as a client which helped me to look at the things that keep taking me back to active addiction. I will be forever grateful. I wish all the clients, and future clients the best on their journey.

Reviewer: Renee Tookenay


5 out of 5 stars

Read what Patients have to say about Freedom Addiction