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Freedom From Addiction offers a comprehensive range of recovery programs for all of our clients. We take a holistic approach to client health and recovery, focusing on addressing the root causes of addiction, and then providing the tools necessary to heal and lead a drug-free life.

Recovery Programs Toronto

Emotional Recovery

Often the core of any addiction comes down to emotional scarring as a result of some past trauma or unresolved issue. At Freedom From Addiction, we take a person-centric approach to emotional recovery. We have in-depth discussions with each client about their past, their emotions while they were on drugs, and why they believe they sought out the high every time. By assessing these emotions, we can draw helpful conclusions and help clients rebuild relationships, accept responsibility, and let go of guilt to truly emotionally recover.

Family Program

Addiction does not occur in a vacuum, and friends, family, and loved ones are often the most impacted by it. At Freedom From Addiction, we offer a range of programs designed to help heal those important relationships that might have been hit hard by addiction. We focus on giving both recovering addicts and their loved ones the tools they need to identify codependent behaviour, provide insight about the cycle of addiction, and help identify other community support groups that can help both addicts and their loved ones alike.

Individual Counselling

Addiction is an incredibly personal and individual struggle that presents in a range of different psychologies and thought patterns. These detrimental behaviours need to be identified on an individual level before healing can truly begin. As part of our person-centric approach to addiction treatment, we pride ourselves in our comprehensive individual counselling programs. Every client will undergo multiple personal counselling sessions per week with a fully licensed and highly qualified therapist. The root causes of addiction will be identified and addressed, and the therapist will be with the client throughout the entire course of their recovery.


Coming to terms with the fact you or a loved one has an addiction problem can be extremely difficult for everyone involved. Often it can be hard to find the right words or situations in which to communicate your fears about how the addiction could be harming yourself or those around you. Freedom From Addiction specializes in performing safe, non-judgemental interventions that can help addicts and their loved ones open honest channels of communication. We provide in-depth training and support for anyone looking to hold an intervention for a loved one they believe is struggling with addiction.

Life Skills

Addicts can often present with gaps in their communication knowledge, which has usually been exacerbated by drug use. Being able to communicate openly, honestly, and in the correct social manner is vital to every situation in adult life, and can greatly improve the chances of securing future employment. Freedom From Addiction offers an exclusive Therapeutic Communication Program that helps recovering addicts learn to communicate most effectively with those around them. This can not only help in building meaningful relationships with new people but also help in rebuilding careers and future prospects.

Personalized Fitness

Physical exercise is one of the most effective and beneficial elements of an addiction treatment program. Following a fitness regime has been positively linked to decreased incidences of relapse and improved physical and mental health. Freedom From Addiction offers a complete range of personalized fitness programs for our clients. Combining cardio and resistance training, in both individual and group settings, can give clients something to take their minds off their addiction and provide a healthy outlet for excess energy or frustration.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is a very real danger for any recovering addict, as the cravings can prove to be too strong for many to resist. While clients might have demonstrated the ability to get clean, they might struggle to stay so, which is where our Relapse Prevention Program can help. We focus on building effective life skills, problem-solving, and supporting therapy to give clients the best chance they have at remaining on the path to sobriety long term.

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