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Residential Addiction Treatment In Toronto

Residential addiction treatment allows for clients to begin their journey to recovery in a relaxed, comfortable, and safe environment. Clients can focus completely on their recovery, safely removed from the interference of every-day distractions. At Freedom From Addiction, we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive residential treatment programs in the country, giving our clients the best chance at leading a drug-free life.

residential addiction treatment Toronto

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential addiction treatment refers to addiction recovery treatment provided in a more relaxed residential setting. As opposed to a clinical medical facility environment, residential addiction treatment allows clients to experience the comforts of home during their detoxification and rehabilitation.

Attempting to undergo withdrawal, detoxification, and rehabilitation at home without medical supervision or support is extremely difficult and can often lead to relapse. While it might feel better to be within the comfort of your own home, without proper medical assistance, sticking to a detox can be very difficult.

Residential addiction treatment can offer the best of both worlds. At Freedom From Addiction, our residential treatment facilities aim to mimic the comforts of your own home. Each room comes with flat-screen televisions and is private or semi-private. Our team of medical professionals will always be on hand to assist with any issues you might have during your stay. Our top priority is to make your road to recovery as comfortable and effective as possible.

How does the Assessment Program Work?

While the residential addiction treatment program is an excellent option for many people, we must ensure the safety of our other clients and perform thorough assessments for each incoming client to determine whether the program is right for them.

The Freedom From Addiction Assessment Team includes medical doctors, nurses, addiction counsellors and social workers. We configure the team to meet the exact needs of our individual clients. We offer the Program throughout the week and on weekends.

The assessment and evaluation includes:

  • Pre-admission screening
  • Accommodation and full board catering
  • Physical assessment, including lab and blood work
  • Biopsychosocial history and assessment
  • One-on-One sessions
  • Behavioural and Chemical compulsive tendencies assessment
  • Summary and conclusions and a direction forward
  • ADAT Assessment

By ensuring that our assessment protocols are followed to the letter and our clients’ needs are met, we can offer the best residential addiction treatment care in Ontario.

Who can benefit from Residential Treatment?

Residential addiction treatment can be beneficial for a wide range of people struggling with addiction.

While no withdrawal process is particularly pleasant, there are some substance withdrawals that can cause life-threatening symptoms. In these circumstances, it is medically advised to undergo detoxification in the presence of medical professionals, such as those available at our residential addiction treatment facility. By providing each of our clients with their own comfortable and safe space to undergo their sobriety journeys, we can provide support and comfort when it is needed most. Our holistic approach to residential addiction treatment gives our clients the best chance at sticking to their new lives and dramatically decreases the incidence of relapse.

Residential Addiction Treatment at Freedom From Addiction

Freedom’s Assessment Team includes highly experienced and trained professionals in the field of chemical dependency and behavioural disorders. Many of our counsellors can offer their own experience on recovery as they too have experienced addiction, giving them unique insights into the thought processes of substance abuse.

The physical, spiritual and emotional recovery of every individual is readily apparent to friends and family thanks to residential addiction treatment. No out-client program could hope to match the speed and depth of our client’s recovery when it is practiced 24/7. Freedom’s residential program offers individuals with several choices from semi-private to private accommodations.

Each day dawns at Freedom with the assurance each client will be furnished with the greatest opportunity to successfully recover from his or her addiction. Daily programming includes a series of therapies, activities and exercises tailored to the specific needs of our individual clients. As the day concludes and normal programming winds-down, clients are sat-down to an exquisitely prepared dinner, where they may catch up with their peers and plan the night's activities.

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable space to recover from your addiction, look no further than Freedom From Addiction. Our residential addiction treatment is the leading drug and alcohol recovery centre in Ontario, having achieved Qmentum accreditation status with commendation from Accreditation Canada. Contact us today and start your journey to sobriety.

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