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Drug Rehabilitation Toronto

Is your husband a drug addict? Is your wife incompetent to handle the kids because of her alcohol addiction? If either of these statements stands true for you, chances are that your personal life might be on rough turf.

Toronto was once a city void of any addicts, however, the picture isn’t that bright and shiny anymore. Canada’s 30% population of addicts reside in Toronto. For a flourishing and developing nation like Canada whose young population is its greatest asset, these numbers are highly alarming and disturbing.

The best way to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction problems is to join a de-addiction centre, just like ours in Toronto. We, at Freedom from Addiction, are extremely popular in Toronto for our fight against this alcohol and drug menace.

What Makes Us Toronto’s Best?

  1. Drug and Alcohol De-Addiction Programs – Customized, medically supervised programs for our clients depending upon the level of addiction and other factors.
  2. Medical Detoxification Programs – We have Canada’s greatest drug detoxification program that promises to handle Methadone and Suboxone addictions with ease.
  3. Intervention Programs – Our intervention programs try to understand the problems in our client’s life and then our experts' advice help on those matters.
  4. Counselling Programs – By counselling the clients we have, we aim to look rationally at their woes and then solve them with all the expertise we’ve got.
  5. Anger Management Programs – Anger issues can disturb families and can create problems in your career too. Our therapists make sure you don’t suffer from it.
  6. Relapse Programs – Such programs are designed especially for people who are in a mid-life crisis or display the symptoms of reverting back to drug or alcohol usage.

Our 12 Step Strategy

We, at Freedom from Addiction, make use of a 12 step program that is known to be the most effective methodology to fight addiction. Getting clean will not happen overnight. However, we will make sure the entire process is smooth and pain-free for our client. This is a primary reason why we have developed this 12 step program. Each step in this program aims in making the addict clean and free from alcohol and drugs.
We, at Freedom from Addiction, are a leading de-addiction and wellness centre in Toronto. Our compassion filled attitude for our clients and our medically advanced practices make sure that your loved one come out of our centre clean and smiling to lead a new life.

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