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We’re a World-class Rehab Centre Located in Aurora, Ontario

People generally get acquainted with drugs and alcohol because of their peers or their lifestyle. It looks exciting in the beginning and the ‘kick’ one receives from doing them can give a unique adrenaline rush. However, what starts with a ‘try’ turns into a ‘habit’ and ends up destroying the life of not just the addict but of his/her close ones too.

We, at Freedom from Addiction, understand this problem inside-out and therefore operate one of the best drug recovery homes in Ontario. Our medical practices are governed by experienced medical professionals who have ample knowledge in dealing with such clients.

Freedom From Addiction is a private rehab facility in Aurora that offers innovative therapies and individualized drug and alcohol addiction services—we’re less than 30 minutes away from Vaughn and always ready to help. 

  • We Are Open 24/7/365
  • Experienced, Passionate & Committed Staff
  • Exemplary Standing with Accreditation Canada
  • We Treat Underlying Issues, Not Just Substance Use
  • Immediate Admittance & No Stressful Waitlists
  • Reasonable & Competitive Rates
  • Supervised Medical Detoxification
  • Strong Focus on 1-on-1 Therapy

Our Dedicated Team 

Our professional team is committed to providing our Vaughn clients with the highest quality addiction treatments and continuous support until they successfully achieve sobriety and are comfortable in their recovery.

We offer a wide range of intensive addiction treatment services to address specific substance abuse disorders. We combine expert-supervised medical detoxification with holistic health and behavioural therapies. 

Detox Experts 

Our medical detox programs are done by doctors and certified healthcare professionals to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. 

Medical Practitioners 

Our team of medical practitioners has the knowledge and practical experience to help treat anyone who walks through our doors. 


Our certified nutritionists play an essential role in our health and wellness programming, helping set our clients up to succeed. 


Our emphatic counsellors empower our clients by helping them rewrite negative thinking patterns in individual and group settings. 

Our Rehab Centre’s Addiction Treatment Services for Vaughn Clients 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment 

Our experience is backed by healthcare experts so we can competently treat severe alcohol dependence and alcoholism. Planned treatment approaches, personalized care, and effective recovery programs are our three benchmarks. 

Drug Addiction Treatment 

We offer a wide range of intensive addiction treatment services to address specific substance abuse disorders. We combine expert-supervised medical detoxification with holistic health and behavioural therapies to help Vaughn residents. These include:

Withdrawal Management & Medical Detox 

At Freedom from Addiction, our medical detoxification programs are aimed at cleaning and removing all sorts of harmful drugs present inside our clients’ bodies. This is done by administering medications to help them stay at ease during the withdrawal symptoms. 

Intervention Services 

Understanding the problems and situations of our clients helps us to intervene in their problems and find solutions for them.

Individual Counselling 

Cognitive behaviour therapies from our experts help individuals resolve their emotional and behavioural problems with ease.

Residents of Vaughn can receive individual counselling through the following programs:

  • Trauma-informed therapy;
  • Psychotherapy;
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy;
  • Motivational interviewing;
  • Relapse prevention;
  • Wellness therapy (personalized fitness);
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy;
  • Concurrent disorders treatment; and 
  • Eating disorder treatment.

Group Counselling 

We also offer group counselling sessions that unite people from Vaughn and beyond with similar experiences. It’s usually recommended to encourage individuals who may not yet be comfortable to open up about their own stories.

We offer the following group counselling services:

  • Anger management;
  • Emotional recovery; 
  • Solution-focused therapy;
  • Life skills training;
  • 12-step program (AA, CA, NA);
  • Smart recovery; and
  • Process groups.

Continuing Care 

Our continuing care program grants clients the opportunity to still have access to the emotional and social support we offer. We encourage gradually building new networks and support systems in their everyday lives.

Relapse Prevention 

Our relapse prevention program proactively prepares our Vaughn clients for these situations by teaching them how to anticipate, identify, solve, and manage potentially high-risk situations that can lead to relapse.

Lifelong Family Program 

Our Family Program delivers support to family members and anyone else affected by the client’s addiction. We educate families and loved ones about the Cycle of Addiction, Relapse Prevention, Boundaries, Caretaking, Co-dependency, Enabling, and Self Care.

Frontline Support Program 

We’re proud to offer services dedicated to frontline workers, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. These offerings include medical detox, plus lifetime after-care support and family programs. 

Indigenous Programming 

Many aspects of the Traditional road to recovery are offered here at Freedom from Addiction with the assistance of Wayne Monague, the Healing and Wellness Counselor. 

LGBTQIA+ Programming 

Freedom From Addiction does not have a specific LGBTQ addiction recovery program. However, we provide a safe, sensitive, and sober space and offer different types of LGBTQ-friendly addiction treatment programs. 

Mental Health Programming 

We offer a range of programs designed to address mental health issues, improve coping mechanisms and allow our Vaughn clients to rationally deal with negative thinking without turning to drugs or alcohol.

Our Approach Towards Addiction Treatment 

We believe that substance abuse is a totally treatable condition. It affects individuals and families from all walks of life and eventually damages their body, mind, and spirit. 

Committed to the care and transformation of our Vaughn clients’ lives, we at Freedom from Addiction focus on healing every aspect of an addict’s life within an environment that’s safe and restorative. Our surroundings are known to promote a recovery-focused ambiance so that our clients can receive the best of our multi-step rehabilitation programs. 

Our team of experts has helped hundreds of Vaughn drug addicts and alcoholics to free themselves from this life-draining disease of addiction.

Saving Lives & Reuniting Vaughn Families With Compassionate Inpatient Addiction Treatment 

Our mission is to save lives and reunite families that have been broken or separated by addiction. Rest assured the environment we foster is one of healing, a non-judgemental place focused on building trust between client and caregiver. 

Our clean, sanitized environment makes sure our clients stay safe and away from any sort of disease. Apart from that, we have the most trained and experienced medical staff who are competent enough to handle all adverse situations. Leaving an addictive substance has an impact on a person’s mental capabilities.

We understand that and that’s where our counsellors and life skill advisors come into action and make everything easy on the psychological front for the client. We try to deal with every client—whether they’re from Vaughn or elsewhere—in a different way depending upon their problem and situation which ultimately helps us to treat the person better.

Contact Freedom From Addiction to Start the Road to Recovery 

Vaughn residents, it’s time to take the first step on the road to recovery. 

At Freedom from Addiction, our mission is to eradicate the menace of addiction from the very roots of our society and for that, we are doing our bit. If your loved one is an addict of alcohol or any substance, then feel free to call us anytime. Our experts can provide you with much-needed assistance 24/7.

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