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Careful thought and consideration must go into your treatment center selection. It will be a life changing decision, and we are confident that by choosing Freedom, this choice will lead to a life enhancing experience. Our centers experienced and passionate team work personally with every individual on their road to recovery.

At Freedom, we deliver quality care and have multidisciplinary teams including nurses, addiction counsellors and other experienced staff in assisting individuals on their road to recovery. All our staff provide a non-judgmental environment in which to recover. Planned treatment, personalized care and effective recovery programs are our three benchmarks to treating substance addiction. All of our trained counsellors really know what clients are going through because they have been in the same shoes one way or another. They don’t judge. They simply lead by example, and all of Freedom’s counsellors are active in a client’s journey to recovery.

We truly believe in the holistic approach and healing overall mind, body, and spirit. We provide healthy meals, a friendly home atmosphere, a fully equipped gym and a life changing experience using various treatment modalities. Freedom also believes in assisting client’s when they leave with our Continued Care Program and Aftercare Program. Recovery truly begins when you have the tools to deal with life and get to the root cause of substance use.

Recovery at Freedom is not an accident. It occurs because:

  • Our staff is experienced, passionate and committed.
  • We treat the underlying issues to substance use – alcohol and drugs are only the symptoms.
  • Freedom holds Exemplary Standing with Accreditation Canada.
  • Our staff to client ratios allow for individual attention.
  • We provide immediate access, no stressful waiting.
  • We have a strong focus on 1-on-1 therapy – unlike other inpatient centers who focus mainly on group settings.
  • We have an emotional based recovery program and focus on the solution rather than the problem.
  • We never close. We are open 24/7/365.
  • Freedom is located in a quiet residential setting.
  • Our facilities are exquisite, our cuisine and hospitality unmatched.
  • Our Aftercare Program means your recovery continues once you leave the center.
  • Our Family Program offers education and support to families for life.
  • Our rates are reasonable and competitive.
  • Our counsellors are specialized in a variety of modalities including such as: PTSD, trauma, DBT, CBT, anger management etc.
  • We offer medical detoxification in addition to residential treatment programs.

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