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8 Signs Your Loved One Has an Addiction

Common Signs of Drug Addiction & Alcohol Dependance

Addiction isn’t a disease that can only affect a certain type of person from a certain neighbourhood or income class. Anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol; your best friend, your neighbour, your significant other, your mother, your coworker… the list goes on. However, while there is no singular “look” of an addict, there are some signs that can...

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Couple fighting about drug addiction

How You’re Enabling Your Loved One’s Drug Addiction

It’s extremely common for family members of addicts to believe that they aren’t enabling their loved ones—we see it all the time. They think that if they’re not giving them cash to buy drugs or aren’t constantly bailing them out of jail they’re in the clear. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t enabling their loved one in other ways. When...

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Close up of a bottle of pills spilt over

Common Myths About Drug Addiction and Recovery

For a very long time, addiction was simply not a topic that you were allowed to openly talk about and if it was, it was always a subject of gossip. Along with harmful stereotypes regarding addicts perpetuated in the media, this has led to a lot of widespread myths surrounding drug addiction. Part of what addiction education is to break...

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White pills spilled on top of a blue outline of the United States

Google Announces New Resource for Opioid Addiction Recovery

In honour of National Recovery Month this September, Google recently announced the launch of two new tools as part of their Recover Together initiative that can help individuals who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction in the United States. These tools are specifically aimed towards combating the opioid crisis that has drastically impacted many communities across North America. Google...

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The Ultimate Guide To Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

One technique that can prove to be exceptionally effective during drug and alcohol addiction treatment is cognitive behavioural therapy. Addiction involves many different negative thought patterns that can act like a cage and trap the patient in a cycle of relapse. The social and mental impacts of drug and alcohol addiction can work to reinforce this thinking, making seeking help...

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Woman saying no to alcohol after drug and alcohol addiction treatment

Top 6 Ways To Resist Temptation

Learning to resist temptation lies at the heart of any attempt at drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Temptation is often a lifelong struggle drug and alcohol addicts will need to cope with. It is the almost overwhelming urge to relapse when the right conditions are met, such as certain emotions, events, or sensations are presented. Without adequate knowledge and discipline,...

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Methadone withdrawal

Methadone Withdrawal & Detox

Methadone withdrawal is one of the more common drug withdrawals in Canada and North America. Once a drug user has made the decision to stop taking methadone, they will quickly enter a stage of detox known as withdrawal. There are actually several distinct stages to methadone withdrawal, marking different stages in the body’s fight to regulate following drug addiction. So...

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Journey To Rehabilitation

Top 6 Ways Fitness Can Help You On Your Journey To Rehabilitation

Many recovering drug addicts will know the struggle of not only getting clean, but continuing to resist temptation every day. Many people use drugs as a way to escape reality and the troubles that go along with it, finding a mental safe haven in the high. This means that when they decide to follow the path of sobriety, they are...

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Benefits Of Quitting Drinking Alcohol

Top 5 Benefits Of Quitting Drinking Alcohol

Quitting drinking alcohol can be one of the hardest things a person ever has to do in their lives. Not only is liquor highly habit forming and addictive, it is also one of the most socially acceptable drugs on the planet, with approximately two billion people consuming alcoholic drinks globally. With so many people imbibing, addiction can be easily fallen...

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Dangers Of Codependency And Addiction

The Dangers Of Codependency And Addiction

One of the most damaging relationships when it comes to substance abuse is the combination of codependency and drug addiction. These are symbiotic, mutually reinforcing behaviours that can have serious consequences for both participants in the relationship. If left unchecked, this interaction can progress to such a stage as to be life threatening. So what exactly are the dangers of codependency...

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