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Woman saying no to alcohol after drug and alcohol addiction treatment

8 Helpful Ways to Resist the Temptation to Drink Alcohol

Learning to resist temptation lies at the heart of any attempt at drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Temptation is often a lifelong struggle that drug and alcohol addicts need to cope with. It is the overwhelming urge to relapse when the right conditions are met, such as certain emotions, events, or sensations are presented. And without adequate knowledge and discipline,...

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A man reading a book about mental health

7 Books About Mental Health You Should Read

Are you currently struggling with your mental health? Do you have a loved one who is in this position? While you may feel alone, nothing could be further from the truth. Consider this statistic: by the time Canadians reach 40 years of age, 1 in 2 have (or have had) a mental illness. The one thing you must remember is...

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Close up of a calendar with a red pin on a date

Does Length of Stay Matter in Addiction Recovery?

When a person checks into an addiction recovery facility, they have one goal in mind: to kick their addiction to the curb and leave the center as a clean and better person. Of course, there’s a lot that goes into a successful recovery. Here’s a question that most residents and/or their loved ones have: does the length of stay matter...

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Two men hugging after an apology

Addiction Recovery: How to Apologize and Mean It

You’ll go through many steps in addiction recovery, including apologizing to people you’ve harmed. While this sounds easy enough, the process itself can be much more difficult. Furthermore, if you don’t take the right approach, your apology may appear “less than genuine.” The way you apologize is every bit as important as the apology itself. You want to be authentic...

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5 Things To Know About Study Drugs - Freedom From Addiction

5 Things to Know About “Study Drugs”

Study drugs, also known as smart drugs, are prescription stimulants used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in students. While students take these drugs to enhance their focus and alertness—with the goal of improved performance—there are also potential drawbacks when they are misused. Examples of Study Drugs Study drugs come in many different forms with some of the most commonly prescribed...

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A sponsor talking with a sponsee on a highrise building

Indigenous Programming

Freedom from Addiction Inc. has incorporated indigenous programming which encompasses holistic healing. A variety of elements are introduced to our clients including   Seven grandfather teachings (teaching, concept, and application) Understanding of the four aspects of self The Circle Concept Introduction to traditional teachings and ceremony Freedom from Addiction Inc. is Anishnabe territory that is not only exclusive to the...

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A woman sitting on a rock while she writes on her journal

The Benefits of Journaling for Mental Health & Healing

Once upon a time, when you were in primary school, you probably filled your notebook with everyday happenings in school, wrote about your crush(es), and drew a couple of hearts here and there. The humdrum of adulthood typically takes away journaling habits and replaces them with something a little less exciting like writing meeting notes, reminders, and to-do lists.   Why...

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A therapists office

History of Addiction Treatment and Rehab Facilities: A Timeline

Substance use isn’t new. Humans have been using (and abusing) substances since ancient times.  The frozen body of Ötzi, who’ve lived in 3300 BC and was recovered in the Alps in 1991, carried with him a variety of fungi with interesting psychedelic properties.  South American tribes in 300 BCE used a hallucinogen called cohoba. Made from mimosa beans, it was...

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A captain saluting during a Veteran’s Day ceremony

The Importance of Substance and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Veterans

What does patriotism mean? If there’s anyone out there who truly knows, it’s veterans.  Whether they’ve served in the military, navy, or air service, they’ve spent a significant portion of their lives on active or reserved duty. Some have even put their lives on the line or have been disabled in the process of serving and protecting their country. Unfortunately,...

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An addiction recovery advocate holding the hand of a person in recovery to show support

Addiction Recovery Advocates You Should Know

There’s a lot of work involved in recovery: working through concurring disorders, unresolved guilt, and the emotional and psychological issues that come with it. There’s so much to deal with that sometimes the path to recovery feels painfully long.  During this time, listening to successful recovery stories can ignite hope. It motivates us to push on. That’s why it’s helpful...

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